Women-Girls Alive Rwanda

To Restore Hope To A Better Life Among Women And Girls Within Marginalized Rural Communities Where That Hope Has Been Curbed Down By Poverty.

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Who We Are

Women-Girls Alive Rwanda is on a mission to empower 1000 women by 2025 through

Women-Girls Alive Rwanda, WGAR, is a passion led social initiative that is transforming the lives of  women (teenage mothers) in the rural areas of Rwanda through the production of reusable sanitary pads, skilling and economic empowerment strategies..

Our Mission

Women-Girls Alive Rwanda is on a mission to empower 1000 women by 2025 through leveraging and adapting select indigenous knowledge systems to understand the culture and context of life in rural communities. This is being achieved through education, food security and nutrition, economic empowerment, health and hygiene.

For the girls in school

Encouraging girls in STEM

WGAR is working with a pilot group of young girls in the G.S. Bugoba School in Kamonyi Rukoma. We began our conversations with understanding the interests and lives of the girls selected to be a part of the WGAR girls club.

Why we do what we do​

Benefits of Menstrual Health Education

Menstrual Education isn’t just for girls, its for everyone. It’s important that the whole family and every member of community understands the cycle of life and the need to ensure that our women and girls have access to clean, hygienic products and that they are understood around that time of the month..

Our Team

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R&D manager

Scovia Kampiire

Project Manager​

Gabriel Muhire

Program Coordinator​



WGAR is encouraging the girls to dream big and believe in a future that they can design for themselves..